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Our proximity to Hollywood and accomodating nature, has allowed us to create and maintain long lasting friendships with some of Hollywood's hottest voice talent. We have built a roster of nearly twelve hundred professional actors, all of whom love working with us. Among those, there are hundreds who speak other languages fluently, and hundreds more who can provide accurate dialects from all over the world. We have relaionships with top VO agents, and are a SAG/AFTRA signatory. We can do all casting, while providing you a link to choose the voice that's right for your project.

For our rates, or to request a tour of either of our two facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Game Changer Studios

+1 (818) 343-6131

17150 Halstead St. Northridge, CA 91325


We understand the frustrations many game developers face when their assets come in and they aren't to spec. We can guaruntee that all finished assets will be delivered to the exact specifications you asked for, and with a fine understanding of game audio middleware like FMOD and WWise we could even provide work units ready for integration. Our staff of highly trained, detail oriented, sound engineers has brought our company to win hundreds of awards including 11 Grammy nominations for Spoken word albums, and several Grammy wins!

Just twenty minutes north of the heart of Hollywood lies our beautiful Northridge facility. Recording in one of our 5 booths there, the actor, director, and any developers present, will find the privacy that comes from the secret gated estate, and the luxury to relax and enjoy the many amenities offered to recharge their batteries in between sessions. Including a pool (with Jacuzzi), game room, fully stocked kitchen, and guest bedroom (for power naps!).

Game Changer Studios boasts nine fully equiped linkable recording booths. Each fitted with the latest phone patch, Skype, and ISDN technologies. Our set up allows for directors to have one on one sessions, or to be linked to up to five booths at once for group scenes. Video feeds into every booth allows precise voice matching or ADR, or dubbing and each booth is made for the highest level of comfort possible.